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Information about contact, visits, access, payment, etc.

Address and opening hours


The Supreme Court of Denmark
Prins Jørgens Gård 13
DK-1218 Copenhagen K

Tel. +45 33 63 27 50

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday   9 am - 3 pm (in July and 23-30 December 9 am - 12 pm)

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, on 5. June  and on 24. and 31. December

Copies of judgments

Judgments of the Supreme Court of Denmark after September 2009 can in most cases be found in full text (in Danish) on the Danish website of the Court. Many earlier judgments are printed in the Danish legal journal "Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen" and can also be found on the online portal "Jura" of Karnov Group (subscription only).  The journal and the online portal will be available at many public libraries in Denmark.

If you need an official copy of a Supreme Court judgment (in Danish), it can be ordered from the Registry of the Court for a price of DKK 150. The payment must be made in cash or by transfer to the Supreme Court's bank account:

Danske Bank

Reg.no. 0216 - Account no. 4069134947
Iban: DK1302164069134947

Please state the number of the judgment in question in connection with the payment.

The amount must be received by the Registry before the copy can be delivered.

Please note that potential costs in connection with the transfer must be paid by you.

Handicap accessibility

If you are walking with difficulty or are in a wheelchair, please contact our reception for assistance (tel. 33 63 27 50).  Please call the day before you arrive with information about the dimension of the wheelchair.


Post@hoejesteret.dk  (secure mail)
General enquiries which do not concern pending cases of the Court

Ankeudvalg@hoejesteret.dk  (secure mail)
Enquiries concerning pending cases

Enquiries concerning IT

Enquiries concerning the Supreme Court website

Enquiries concerning library matters


All invoices to the Supreme Court must be submitted electronically. The Supreme Court's
EAN number is 5798000161207 

Payments to the Supreme Court must be made in cash or by transferral to the Supreme Court's bank account:

Danske Bank

Reg.no. 0216 - Account no. 4069134947
Iban: DK1302164069134947

Transportation and parking

Public transportation:

You can plan your trip to the Supreme Court by using the following link Rejseplanen.


There are only very few possibilities of parking your car in the area around the Supreme Court and Christiansborg Castle as the majority of the spaces are reserved for the employees in the area. There are a few public parking spaces in Slotsholmsgade and  Frederiksholms Kanal.

Visiting the Court

Most court hearings are open to the public and can be attended without prior notice.

On the annual Kulturnatten (“Night of Culture”) in October the Supreme Court opens its doors from 6-11.30 pm and offers guided tours (in Danish). The tours can be attended on a first-come-first-serve basis, and they last around 25 minutes.

During the month of July once a week it is possible to attend a guided tour in English. More information and the dates will be posted on the Court’s website (www.Hoejesteret.dk) about a month before.

Sometimes the Court receives visits from groups of people who have pre-booked a guided tour and a presentation of the history and the function of the Court. Requests about such an arrangement should be send by mail to Post@Hoejesteret.dk – stating “Visit to the Supreme Court” in the subject line. However, due to limited resources, only a few requests can be met.


If you have any comments or questions to the contents of the website, please contact


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